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 Extended egg example

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PostSubject: Extended egg example   Extended egg example Icon_minitimeMon 30 Jan - 22:13

I took the egg example in the standard Examples folder. It has the shape of the egg hard-wired. To allow for different egg shapes I extended it by adding a width parameter. width=0.7*height gives a hen's egg. Try other values for 0<width<height .
If you search online for 'egg shape equation' it is easy to find the maths on which this model is based.
Also, the original has a parameter for controlling the smoothing near the ends. This doesn't need to be a parameter, so I changed it to steps/2pi which is the optimum value.
I don't know how to add comments to GraphSCAD models, so I simply added a String node.
Extended egg example
Chris Lusby Taylor's version of the egg example scad file.
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PostSubject: thx again.   Extended egg example Icon_minitimeTue 31 Jan - 0:19

You are more mathematician than me ;-). It's a good idea to allow some comments blocks in graphscad. Will add this too ;-)
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Extended egg example
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