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 Function parameter name uniqueness not tested

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Date d'inscription : 2017-01-30
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PostSubject: Function parameter name uniqueness not tested   Fri 24 Feb - 16:24

There are a number of wishes / issues with function parameters:
1. There is no means to delete a parameter apart from the bottom one. I note that you can delete the bottom parameter by deleting its name. If you delete a parameter you have to move lower ones up. This applies to function, boolean, hull and other nodes that allow an indefinite list of parameters.
2. There is no cut and paste within parameters, so editing and copying them is tedious. This applies to all strings.
3. There is no check that parameter names are unique. OpenSCAD doesn't seem to notice, either. You can have: function myfun(X,X)=...
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Function parameter name uniqueness not tested
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